October 31, 2022 |


With the onset of Fall and the changing of the leaves, we continue our ten year anniversary celebration by recognizing Stephenie Rue, perhaps our most “colorful” team member.

Back story: Born in Radford, VA, grew up in a variety of states (MS/OH/GA/FL). I have been with H&S for 1 ½ yrs. I have a trusty goofy golden retriever, Kodo and my favorite sports team is the Tampa Bay Buccs

When I was a kid I wanted to be  . . .  A veterinarian

Coolest thing I’ve ever done: Riding my motorcycle cross county with my Dad to Sturgis, SD for bike week

Most daring thing I’ve ever done: I would say skydiving (and riding a motorcycle)

Favorite place to visit or best vacation ever: My girls trips to Charlotte, NC

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d rather be . . . . rescuing/working with animals

Famous person I’ve met (or almost met) Singer, Anthony Hamilton

Famous person I’d like to meet (living or dead) Albert Einstein

Favorite movie: My Cousin Vinny

Favorite artist: H.E.R. and Outkast

Favorite superhero: Wonder Woman

Superpower I wish I had: Mind reading and/or able to make myself invisible

Biggest mistake that didn’t come back to bite me: Out of town at trial and I was responsible for transporting all of our experts to/from the airport and hotel, but I got lost (before navigation on our phones) and was seriously delayed but it all ended well.

Best back-handed compliment: “I hate everybody, but not you”

Best advice you’ve ever received: It’s okay if you make a mistake, we all do, but speak up so we can fix it if necessary.

Inside scoop: Here's what others say about Steph:

She is always willing and has patience to teach/show me something I don’t understand and I really appreciate that.

Stephenie is fun-loving and compassionate to a fault.  She is uber professional and goes the extra mile to meet the demands of an an extra busy medmal practice.  She is very organized in her work and always willing to assist.  She knows medmal like the back of her hand and is an all-round nice person.  Her pet partner in crime is her Golden Retriever, Kodo - and she loves him to no end.

Far beyond her myriad and artistic tattoos, Stephenie is colorful in many ways – from her dry wit which keeps us in stitches to her adventurous spirit which encourages us all to be a bit bolder.  But she is also remarkably organized and always comes through when you’re operating on a short deadline with something that has to be done.  We were lucky to have worked with her years ago at our prior firm and luckier still that she came back to join us at H&S.

Steph is a cool motorcycle chick who loves her dog Kodo tremendously. She's a funny, no-nonsense woman.

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