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To celebrate our 10th year, the Firm plans to spotlight a member of the firm each month to introduce you to those you may not know or to give you some insight on those you think you did. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, in March we celebrate our favorite Irishman – Matt Joss.   


BackstoryI grew up on Long Island, NY, and have been with H&S almost 4 years, though I’ve known almost everyone here far longer! My wife and I met at Notre Dame, and we and our 2 daughters are big fans of the Irish and the NY Mets.

When I was a kid I wanted to be  . . . A scientist.

Worst job I ever hadI spent one summer working as a farm hand growing 10 acres of corn, by hand, for use in genetic research. The seeds had to be planted one at a time, and had to be weeded by hand as well. A long, hot summer. 10 acres is a LOT of corn.

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d rather be . . . . By the ocean somewhere.

Best trial story:  Not sure if it’s the “best” but at one trial years ago I was forced to demonstrate the appropriate spinal position for back surgery, on the floor of one of Virginia’s more historic courtrooms. We won the case, so clearly it was worth it.

Best advice I’ve ever received: Make sure you ask all the questions you intend to ask at a deposition, or you’ll be put in a meat grinder.

Best advice I’ve received from a colleague: You’re not just an attorney, you’re also a counselor. Our role is not just to defend our clients involved in litigation but also to advise them throughout an unfamiliar and sometimes unpleasant process.

Best back-handed compliment:   Had a judge in Tidewater tell me he’d been objecting to things other judges had done since before I was born.

Favorite place to visit:  Anyplace with sand, salt water, and a good book (or three).

Inside scoop: Most of us recognize Matt as even tempered and witty, but he is also a walking encyclopedia of statutes, case law, and trivial knowledge and is the “go-to guy” when you need a concise, direct answer on something.  He is also the undisputed karaoke king of H&S and once was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. You’ll have to ask him how he did…


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