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As we continue to thank not only our veterans but also the family members who support them at home, this month we also spotlight Helen Murphy, whose husband Doug proudly served in the US Navy.  Thanks Helen and Doug!

Where you grew up: Everywhere. Dad and husband were in the Navy. (3 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 4 high schools.) Lived in Hawaii, Spain, Okinawa, Bermuda, Florida twice, California twice, Virginia thrice, and Southern Maryland (blue crabs and Maryland stuffed ham baby!).

When I was a kid I wanted to be: A spy, an interpreter or a diplomat. All of these traits have come in handy in my litigation career.

Favorite past times: Traveling the world with my husband and sons and going to Navy Football games in Annapolis, MD.

Most interesting job I ever had: Field worker at an archeological dig in St. Mary’s City, Maryland for three summers in between college years.

Most daring thing I’ve ever done: It’s a toss up between marrying a Navy submariner and zip lining through the rain forest in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Favorite superhero: My dad, Commander Joyner. He served an entire year in Vietnam, went on countless 6 month deployments and before he retired, he commanded a U.S. Navy Air Squadron of 500 military personnel at Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Lexington Park, MD.

Best office emergency story: I work in litigation. It’s always an emergency story.

Famous person I almost met: Ross Perot was invited to my wedding (because he was my husband’s stepfather’s roommate at the U.S. Naval Academy – he was unable to attend)

Best life story: 30 years of marriage to my husband Doug and my sons Sean and Aiden.

Dirty little secret: I have a crush on a mascot. Hence the photo with me and Bill the Goat. Go Navy! Beat Army!

Inside Scoop:

  • Perennial “firm jumpers,” Helen and Todd have both worked at four of the same firms at one point in their careers – just not always at the same time.  None of those firms could live without Helen.  Todd on the other hand . . .

  • When the world comes full circle...I started my career as newbie paralegal beside Helen. She's one of the most dedicated, smart and ambitious people I know. She never shies away from a challenge and I am thrilled to be working beside her again!

  • Little know fact....Helen is the long lost twin of Princess Diana. If you doubt it, ask to see her wedding photo.

  • Helen is a consummate professional and a joy to work with, even if she does root for Navy.  She is intelligent, motivated, and optimistic and we are honored she chose to join our organization.

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