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November reminds us both to be thankful and to recognize our veterans and the family members who support them back home.  This month, we spotlight our own favorite veteran Tony Taddeo (US Army).  Thanks Tony!

Back story:  I’m a South Jersey guy, born and raised (Go Eagles, Flyers, and Phils), but my southern wife of 32+ years does not hold that against me. My 2 adult daughters and son-in-law still happily pose for group selfies when we share family adventures. Rescue dogs Chewie and Leia are our faithful canine companions. 

 Inspired by the legacy of my father, grandfather, and uncles, I served in the U.S. Army from 1990 – 1994 and I am a veteran of Operation Desert Storm.

Thing(s) I can’t believe happened since the firm opened 10 yrs ago: They hired me.

Worst job I ever had.....Improvised field sanitation in the Army.  Bring plenty of diesel fuel, matches, and a big stick.

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d rather be . . . .Irreverently responding to the well-intentioned requests for basic information from fantastic co-workers that just want to share what they know and like about you. Oh, wait...

Best office emergency story: There are no office emergencies – just situations where someone (or something) royally fouled up and you and your friends are left to deal with the aftermath. They are inevitable and how we respond says much about us.

Best trial story: Opposing counsel passed off what appeared to be a “smoking gun” document to the jury.  But beforehand, he had torn off a portion of the document with critical information that showed we were not at fault.  We let him show the altered document to the jury with his best “Law and Order” flourish. The next morning we showed his “killer” document on the same huge screen next to the complete version. When the attorney tried spin what just happened, the entire jury shook its collective head and one juror said out loud, “Why don’t you just shut up?”  

We won the case.  

Best deposition story: I had been doing depositions in 4 separate cases over the course of 3 weeks, and all of them were out of town. We were incredibly busy at the time.  We got an emergency call to attend an unexpected deposition and I was the only one available. I put my suit on, gathered up a half-dozen well-worn boxes of exhibits, and drove to the deposition. Opposing counsel saw me walking in, sleep-deprived and more than a little angry.  After a few words and a telephone call, my clients were out of the case.

Best life story: Meeting my wife at a college Halloween party.  It was 1987 and I dressed as a Miami Vice cop. I found her to be arresting, so I arrested her.  The rest is history.

Biggest mistake that didn’t come back to bite me: If you forget to pack your dress socks for an out of town hearing and have to wear your 1970s-length, blindingly white gym socks, do not cross your legs at counsel table.  Trust me on this.

Best advice you’ve ever received:  “In God We Trust.” For everyone else, get it in writing.

Best advice you’ve received from an H&S colleague: “Come work here.” – Matt Joss

Best back-handed compliment: “You are a lot smarter than you look.”

Favorite place to visit or best vacation ever:  I am a sucker for tacky tourist traps – fake wild west towns, Gatorland in FL, giant balls of twine, model railroads, Cadillacs in the desert – they are all reminders to not take life or yourself too seriously.  And you get to add to your t-shirt collection.

My best vacations were and are with my family. Never a dull moment.

When I was a kid I wanted to be  . . .An X-Wing pilot.  I still hold out hope…

Inside Scoop:

  • Tony’s an excellent advocate, his briefs and reports are covered in more metaphors than ants on a jelly donut on a hot summer’s day on the boardwalk in Atlantic City...

  • He is an expert researcher and navigator of the government archives.

  • Tony's raptor-sharp wit make him the obvious winner for the people's choice Funniest Attorney award (Sorry, Todd). He couples that with a keen ability to identify, solve and implement solutions quickly and decisively, which make him a great Firm leader.
  • There are few people, anywhere, with his leadership and organizational skills.

  • Tony has a glowing, quick-witted personality and is always ready with a joke. As a newer person to the firm, he was welcoming and made me feel a part of team right away.  It is a pleasure to work with someone like Tony who always thinks about his colleagues and genuinely cares about his firm family.

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